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Our Choir

For those of you who come to church, you know that our choristers wear red cassocks, which is most unusual in a parish church.  Red is usually reserved for cathedral choirs. 

The choir has been through many ups and downs.  Choristers have come and gone, due to moving away, going up to university or college or, sadly, becoming too ill to sing anymore.  Currently, our once overflowing choir stalls vary between full on one side to a few, well-spaced singers on two rows.  We need more people, ideally young people.  If, like me, you ease off work and find you have more time on your hands, you would be most welcome to join us.

Do you need to be able to read music?  Well it would help our wonderful, inspiring, choirmaster, Derek, but if, like me, you can hold a tune and can see if the notes go up and down, you will find that the regulars help and encourage, rather than leave you feeling left out.

I joined in my 60s.  I lived through the time when the choir was full of younger people, as well as those times with more mature singers.  Both of my daughters, Olivia and Amanda, joined the choir and loved it.  Olivia went on to do some professional singing and was with Croydon Minster (in red cassocks too) for two years. 

Choir practices are on Sundays before church, starting promptly at 09:00am. This just means an hour of your time to learn wonderful anthems to enjoy and praise! 

We sing each Sunday morning, except when there is a family Eucharist and usually one Sunday in eight at the choral Evensong where we practice for an hour and a half beforehand. 

Some of our members have fabulous voices and help others and me.  Hilary and Christine are superb sopranos; Janet is an amazing alto soloist and often sings the gospel Alleluias.  Martin frequently sings the tenor parts alone and is amazingly loyal and has a lovely voice.  Dick keeps the lovely soothing bass parts going.  Jill has a fantastic ear and can play the piano beautifully too. 

Whatever your level of musical ability, please join us for rehearsals on Sunday mornings; enjoy learning new music; feel supported by all around; and, take the opportunity to be taught by our amazing, tolerant, hard-working choir master Derek, who seems somehow, to do a weekly miracle with the choir.  Having paid for private lessons at one point, Derek does it better, so treat yourself and come and sing with us. 

Contact: Sue Lipscombe