Church of The Good Shepherd

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  • 272 Dyke Road
  • Brighton
  • Sussex
  • BN1 5AE

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About Us

The Church of the Good Shepherd has a long established moderate Catholic tradition. We try to be a friendly and welcoming church, which meets the worship and spiritual needs of people from a wide range of traditions. We welcome visitors and encourage newcomers to become involved at whatever level they feel comfortable with.

Our mission

As members of the Good Shepherd, we aim to “To bring more people to experience God’s love by making our church the much needed focus in the local community”.

Sunday Services

The main Parish Eucharist is at 10.15am. There is a team of servers and a choir who sing an anthem during communion and certain settings and other music as appropriate. Incense is used on festivals and other appropriate occasions. Common Worship is always used, with the Eucharistic prayer and other parts of the service varying according to the season.

At 5pm on all Sundays except the third Sunday we have an informal "Time for God" service in the Church. This is particularly appropriate for young people and their families. The service lasts about half an hour and on the first Sunday of the month includes Communion. The service concludes with tea and cake at 5.30pm.

On the third Sunday of each month there is one morning service designated as a Family Eucharist. Younger people, families and those new to the Church are particularly encouraged to attend this. The overall format is similar to the regular pattern of worship but particular emphasis is placed on appropriate hymns, songs and other music and the service is, as far as possible, simplified. The address is normally aimed at young children; those who are able to take part are encouraged to read lessons, lead intercessions and occasionally perform small pieces of music.

On the third Sunday there is also a service of 'music and reflection' at 6pm. There is an occasional “fully choral” Evensong according to the Book of Common Prayer with full settings for the responses and canticles sung by the choir.  

A welcome pack for visitors is available in Church - you can read the contents here 

Our Archive page has lots of material about the early history of the Church and you can read a publication written in 1997 for the 75th anniversary of the consecration of the Church here