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Some of the organisations we support or work with



Each year our Mission committee discusses charities on which we should focus support. We choose international, national and local charities.

In 2017 we are supporting:

International Christian Aidsupporting people of all faiths and none to rise out of poverty.

National RETT UK providing professional support to people living with Rett syndrome, which effects mainly girls and produces profound and multiple physical and communication disabilities.

Local – Brighton Voices in Exile, Support for asylum-seekers and refugees.

In 2016 we supported:

International - Hellen’s Shelter, based in northern Uganda, a shelter for women and children victims of domestic and cultural violence. See below.
National - Alzheimer’s Society - We are now a dementia friendly church.
Local - Seaford Downs Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group


We also made an urgent appeal formother & baby care-packs for refugees in the Middle East.

In 2015 our Charities were:

International: The Shalom Children’s Home, Karunalaya, Bangalore. Building a life, creating a future—every child needs a happy childhood.
National: Fishermen’s Mission. Providing emergency assistance to our fishermen and their families
Local: Carousel; supporting people with learning disabilities and Clock Tower Sanctuary; crisis assistance for young people.

In addition we regularly support two charities which help children in Africa, iZulu and The Lovey Foundation.

Hellen’s Shelter 

This has been supported for several years by Deacon Helen, who writes below.

I first visited Hellen's Shelter, Northern Uganda for its official opening in 2006 and at that time it was surrounded by the blue tarpaulin roofs of displaced persons camps. (DPCs) Hellen Alyek, its' founder, had been a senior police officer and had seen first hand the devastating effects of Domestic Violence, Child exploitation and FGM in her country. I met Hellen when she won a scholarship to an international police conference where she told us about sometimes taking victims into her own home and her wish to build a shelter where women and girls would be safe and learn skills to earn their own living. It was funding through our women police organisation that enabled her dream to come true. At that time Joseph Kony's Lord's resistance Army were murdering parents and abducting children into his army. It is estimated up to 2 million people fled the countryside villages for the safety of the towns (the reason for the sea of blue tarpaulin) and that up to 250,000 children had been abducted as soldiers or sex slaves.
By the time I visited again in the following summer Joseph Kony had moved over the border to Southern Sudan and many of the IDP camps had dispersed. Thousands of previously abducted children were escaping back to their homes and families but far too many were returning as orphans, their parents murdered. Children were still coming into towns at night for safety and have become known as night commuters.
Many of the young girls at the shelter have babies of their own, often the result of rape. Hellen calls them child mothers.
The Shelter is now well established, with other agencies and charities bringing children, especially girls to Hellen for help. She has a meagre Ugandan police pension and so relies on donations from well-wishers On my last visit incharity 2012 Hellen was housing 16 young girls, 12 of whom had babies. I took a small team of people and enough money to buy a 4x4 vehicle, which was badly needed.
Her appeal to me recently was for help with her leaking roof, which is why I have arranged this Race night.
Some of the young girls in dresses made at the shelter and dolls made by a UK well wisher which I took out in 2007. Hellen has only one grown up daughter of her own but has adopted a dozen children as well as all those she has taken in at the shelter. A retired Canadian officer who visited last autumn sent me an email describing Hellen as Africa's mother Teresa.

Thank you, Deacon Helen           More on Helen's Shelter

Charities we have supported in earier years

 Churches we visit

Members of the congregation regularly visit Churches elsewhere in the UK or overseas. Some of those are listed here for others that may visit a location. If you regularly worship at another Church please email Peter Rose so that a link can be added to this page.

Paphos, Cyprus, Agia Kyriaki. One of three churches that make up the Anglican Church of Paphos, the 15th century Church is located close to the Pillar against which St Paul is reputed to have been flogged during his travels in Cyprus.

Other organisations

Diocese of Chichester
Church of England - A Christian presence in every community
A Church Near You - find a local Church when you are visiting
Mothers' Union - is an international Christian charity that seeks to support families worldwide. Follow this link for our branch.

We support the work of Brighton and Hove Street Pastors